20 June 2013

elodie (6 months)

Our little Elodie.  Hard to believe you've already had a half birthday.  You are growing up so quickly and yet it is so exciting to see you develop and change and really become who you are!  I am honored to be your Mom and to watch you grow as a part of this family, as a beloved child and sister.

Here is a quick summary of what you are up to:

  • You just started eating some foods- I started you on 6/12 with some oat cereal and you've also tried avocado;  you are already really getting the hang of it and seem to have a big and healthy appetite.  You lose patience with sitting in the Bumbo chair when I'm feeding you so we'll probably have to get out the highchair soon.
  • You consistently roll over.  Typically you roll more from the back to your front (to a stomach position) but you are starting to push yourself around now too a bit.  I will place you on the activity mat and then come back and you've rolled off and are completely on the wood floor.
  • You like to sit in the green bouncy chair and love to kick your feet and hear the rattles of the activity bar and the little silly sounds (when they are turned on)  You seem to really enjoy kicking your legs and feeling the chair bounce up and down and see the rattles make their gentle rustle.
  • You still consistently wake up every 3-4 hours at night (and during the day) to eat.  You have a good appetite and eat quickly although you are getting to that distracted stage where you keep coming off the breast and looking around....there is a lot to see though!!
  • You love your sister and love to watch her and smile and laugh at her.  Sometimes she is the only one who can get you to smile.  I love to watch you two interact;  it is so special to see the bond you are sharing and forming as sisters.
  • You are starting to really make some fun noises.  It sort of depends on the day as you are often really quiet and observant but you are starting to make some squealing noises; cooing like talking and also saying "yayayaya" sort of sounds like Mama or Dada.
  • You just started taking a bath in the regular bathtub last week and you don't seem to mind it although all the space seems to make you a bit unsure so far.
  • You wear mostly 3-6 month clothes and last week you weighed in at 14lbs 13.5oz already.
  • You (unfortunately) don't really seem to like to be in the car for long drives.  You like to see other people and you like to move around.  The car doesn't really offer you either of those.  This could prove to be challenging but we'll take this one as it comes.
  • You still love to be held and snuggled.  If it were up to you you'd sleep being held each and every night.  You often wake up in the evening after you've gone down for the night but then want to be held for a bit.
  • Your routines are pretty flexible but you definately like to have certain things throughout the day.  You seem to have adjusted well to being at daycare 3 days a week since I went back and you seem happy and content there and give everyone there lots of smiles.
  • You are good at grabbing toys or (really anything) with your hands so I am having to start to be careful what I have in reach.  It is fun to watch you reach out and grab a toy or look at it and then grab it and put it in your mouth or play with it.

(June 2013)
Snuggling with your sister; she loves you so.

(June 16, 2013 your half birthday)

(June 2013)
I love your expression in this one so giddy and smiley.

(May 2013)
Can't get enough little baby toes....too cute!!

(May 2013)
I love this little shirt my friend gave to us as a baby gift.  The sewn on fabric is so darling and I love this color on Elodie.  Most baby clothes, especially girl clothes, are typically in pastels I love this bright purple. 

(May 2013)
This girl does about the cutest little pre-cry face.  Here she is puckering up for a wail.  Too cute either way.

You are a beautiful girl.  I love watching you grow and the sweetness that you have and patience with everything that goes on around you.  Happy 1/2 birthday my little sweet miss "e."

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