my little family

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Abe & Vale

Vale & Ilene (Abe's Mom)

Marilee (Vale's Mom) & Vale (same smile, right?)



Thanksgiving walk with Abe and the girls

Vale & Abe- weekend get-a-way

Welcome baby Aven Lily (April 2010)

Sleeping like a baby (Aven)

Uncle Bryce & Aunt Elisa

Uncle Bryce keeps the peace

Ahma & Aven

Abe, Grandma Geneva Aven and Vale (November 2010)

Cousin Gina & Ava in San Diego

Aven & Ava

Aven's First Turkey Day & Snow

Christmas time

New Bib

Boppa & Aven

Aven gives Daddy a kiss

Welcoming Elodie Clementine December 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy St. Patties Day

Full of wonder, Elodie C.