06 May 2013

Elodie (4 1/2 months)

Wow little "miss-E" you really are a cute baby!  We are falling in love with your big open mouthed smiles and your adorable giggle when I am changing your diaper and accidentally tickle your belly.  You have cute little folds in your thighs and a sweet disposition.  Don't get me wrong, much like your older sister, when you are upset about something, you have got the lungs to let us know!  Here is a brief summary of how your day goes and what you are up to lately:

  • you can roll over from back to front and front to back although you don't do it consistently, often you will roll to your side and look around
  • you are a really drooly baby (maybe getting some teeth?) and constantly have your hand in your mouth- just yesterday you started to put your thumb in your mouth (wonder if you'll suck your thumb?)
  • you now weigh over 12.5 pounds, your 4 month check up hasn't happened yet but I am curious to see how you will compare overall in your percentiles (weight & height), you've gained 5+ pounds since you were born
  • even when you won't laugh for anyone else, Aven can make you laugh.  I think she is too much in your face and personal space but then you just smile and watch her contently.  If she does something you don't like though you cry and tell us about it.
  • you love to make little squealing noises and will "talk" to us, you are really discovering your voice
  • so far, you don't love to ride in the car (you took your first long trip to Spokane last weekend and it was tough)
  • you are a very alert and observant baby, always looking around and watching what people are doing
  • you really seem to have an awareness of being by yourself if I leave the room and you don't have anyone else there, you will start to get upset until I come back
  • you still wake up every 3 ish hours at night to nurse and are pretty consistent about this during the day, you typically go back to sleep very easily and don't need much rocking or holding
  • you are starting to solidify a sleep schedule but you are flexible, you like to be swaddled and held burying your face into my armpit to sleep
  • you can now grab at toys and put them in your mouth and you've also discovered your feet!  you kick them and stick them out and you can now kick the toys on the bouncy chair
  • you will bring something close to your face and really focus on it, its pretty cute to watch
  • you love to be held standing on your feet and if I try to hold you in a sitting position you will often arch your back and squirm until you get to stand
  • you love to be held- you like to sit with us at the table when we are eating or be snuggled by Mama or Daddy in the evening when we are zoning out at the end of the day
  • you have an opinion about what you want when you want it and you are not afraid to let us know (must have gotten this from your sister)
You are so sweet and adorable and I love watching you and Aven interact and can't wait to watch this relationship grow as you girls get older.  I am always curious who you are learning to be and who God has created you to be but I know that you fit into our family perfectly and I can't imagine it without you now.  I love you more and more each and every day, cannot give you enough kisses or snuggles.

You are doing an excellent job of holding your head up and don't mind being on your tummy too much.

This pic looks so much like your big sis, great bright eyes :)

I think your silliness shows through in this one, you look like you are about to laugh.

On your actual 4 month mark (4/16), an inquisitive and unsure look.

Grabbing & holding toys, your new skill.

Best smile and beautiful eyes.

Keeping me company when I was sick in bed.  You honestly look concerned for me.

We love you Elodie Clementine.

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