23 April 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Aven Lily

Hard to believe it has been 3 years already and my oh my how life has changed.  From one baby and parenthood to a toddler and a newborn; hard to imagine my life any other way now.  

We had a wonderful weekend of celebrating Aven's 3rd birthday with friends and a big party as well as a visit from Ahma and Boppa (Abe's parents).  It was  a busy weekend with too late of bedtimes and a lot of stimulation but it was a celebratory weekend nonetheless.  

Aven is quite the little 3 year old and she is in full force.  Things she (still) loves:
  • her babies (she even got a doll pram for her birthday)
  • her blankets, her favorite is still froggie, then people and then flower
  • her books (although this has taken a recent increase in interest)  this girl loves to go to the library, participate in storytime and crafts, check out loads of books and sneak out of bed to read them when she should be going to bed.  She will spend hours sitting and listening if we'd just sit and read books to her and she loves reading them to herself, us and her dolls and Elodie.  I am so happy that she loves to interact with books; I hope this doesn't disappear.
  • her imagination (although she doesn't have any make believe friends, she is so inventive with her toys and with our things- it is so neat to see a child's mind at work constructing a little world around herself with objects as they take alternative forms)
  • the sun (the girl loves to be outside; always has)  now she can open the back door, put on her shoes and play in the yard all by herself.  She loves her flip-flops, skirts and short sleeve shirts and sunglasses and would spend all day at the park if you'd let her).
  • sweets (she is her mama's girl- she loves anything sweet and would eat them all day if I'd let her);  for her birthday she requested pink candy canes and green pie!
  • fruit- this girl has always loved her fruit- she has never been big on vegetables (maybe someday) but she will easily eat 5+clementines if I let her and she has no problem eating a bowl of strawberries or a full pear
  • music- she is so good at remembering words to songs- tonight she sang the whole "take me out to the ball game" song that she must have heard at school.  The girl also loves to dance.  Almost every time we get in the car she asks for kids music please.

Lunch of the Birthday Girl (clementines, oatmeal and superfood juice with a pink straw)

Dad flashes his "3" sign

Loot from the party (hats and decor)

Aven Lily, you are growing up into quite the little girl.  I am so awed and proud of who you are becoming.  You are so intelligent, kind, funny, sweet, creative, voracious in appetite, loving, social and unique and I am so proud to be your mama.  You make me laugh every day and you can challenge me like no one else (maybe your sister someday).  You have taught me so much about myself and about how to live life fresh and with full force.  Thank you for the privilege of being your Mama.  I can't wait to see what this next year will bring and the adventures we'll have of you being 3.

Happy 3rd Birthday Aven 

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