01 August 2012

photo update

I have been taking a lot more pictures with my phone lately and doing a lot less blog posts....somehow the two haven't caught up with each other so here is an update in photos.
Aven putting on chapstick & wearing a ponytail (she loves them even though she won't keep them in her hair for long)

Aven tickling the Ivory keys on our new free Craigslist piano (it is 100 years old & has ivory keys)

New Sunglasses

Cuddling with Eleanor in Mommy & Daddy's bed

Walk at the local cemetery

Aven on her new motorcycle (Goodwill find for 5.99)

Video (never posted on Blogger before so I don't know if it will work)- of Aven riding her new motorcycle down the alley

Hanging in the pool with baby

Breakfast with Ahma in Seattle, taking doggie treats home for Eleanor & Ethel

Aven loved the sparklers and fireworks at 4th of July, a few big ones scared her but overall she loved it!

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