02 August 2012

Aven at "school"

Aven has been going to the local YMCA since she was 3 months old.  Awhile ago we took to calling it school.  One, because she does learn a lot there.  Two, she'll likely attend preschool there.  But, she truly does learn a lot.  They do thematic units like family, pets, jobs, etc.  When they do a new unit they read books, sing songs and lots of other activities surrounding the theme.  The people who work there truly care about the kids and treat them with patience and kindness.  Aven loves to go to school and see her friends and her teachers.  I was so thrilled when I saw these pictures of Aven at "school."  One, she is the cutest scientist ever!  They said she kept saying "I'm a sciencetist" over and over- and gosh, doesn't she look happy and like she's having fun!  I am so glad that she gets to spend the day with her friends learning and playing and that she spends time with excellent and caring teachers.  And I am glad that she has a good time while learning and playing too.

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