23 July 2012

simple Sunday

Here we are, latter July and I am sitting in my new (to me/Craigslist) armchair listening to the somewhat enchanting & somewhat maddening sound of gentle and steady rain falling outside.  This summer has been a bit back and forth.  Some days feel wonderful and I sit in my backyard on lunch breaks and early evening eating fruit and hanging out by the kiddie pool.  Other days we sit inside and wonder why it is grey outside again and raining.  I long for a true summer.  One where you can leave all your stuff outside on the lawn and the steps and not worry about it getting wet overnight.  A summer where you don't have to have a sweatshirt or rain coat on hand and you can truly pack it away for a few months.  One where you get the box of summer clothes out and put away pants and close toed shoes and dry grass and windows open while you sleep.

But alas, that was not today and is not tonight.  It was a lovely day today besides the weather.  Woke up a bit too early for my taste (6:45) to a somewhat hysterical 2 year old crying.  As I gathered my bearings and went to her room we discovered it was only a missing purple Binky, heavens!  Then came the request to snuggle with Daddy...which truly only means getting into bed with us but not really sleeping or even really snuggling.  After about 20 minutes of trying to sleep while she wriggled and snuggled I left Abe to sleep a bit more and make some breakfast before church.  Aven and I made "baby cake cakes" aka Dutch Baby Pancakes with fresh strawberries and coffee.  We listened to some good 80's dance music and headed off to church while Abe helped our new neighbors rebuild their living room floor (they are in way over their heads).  I helped out with the toddlers while they played listened to Bible stories and ate fishy crackers.  I met a lovely little boy who needed some extra hugs named Kavin.  It was very sweet because as I was holding him, Aven kept patting his shoulders and saying "it's okay buddy" and then going around to his other shoulder and patting it and saying the same thing.

After church we made our way to a friend's birthday party at Lake Padden.  The rain had let up long enough and a bit of sun and blue sky was overhead.  Aven looked at the ducks, claimed she saw a turtle, went down the slide, got an owie, ate a cupcake and went on the swings.  We enjoyed the grassy expanse and the laughter of friends and a break from the grey.

After this Aven went down for a nap and I finished my book club book (hooray).  It has been way too long since I actually finished a book and it had been my pick so I felt especially responsible.  I went to Fred Meyer alone to get some groceries (lovely) and spent a bit of extra time browsing through the sale items, without a toddler in tow.  Came home and made a bit pot of Tortilla Soup for book club and then went over to dine and discuss The Hangman's Daughter.  Considering it was a group of adults, my toddler did quite well but when she started to get a bit crazy Abe took her home and I stayed to enjoy a bit more adult conversation.  My friend made an amazing cheesecake with fresh blueberries and a pot-de-creme, delicious!  We selected our next book: On the Corner of Bitter & Sweet and parted ways in the damp summer evening.

It was a day of relaxation, family, community, food and cooking.  All in all it was a great Sunday.  Sometimes the simple days and moments of life go by quickly and unnoticed or unremembered but it is these moments that make our lives feel fuller and richer.  A moment sitting with your child eating a cupcake, a sweet and totally unrestrained act of care from a child, an amazing dish or pot of soup, the laughter of friends.  Relish these moments, survey them in your memory, capture them in photographs and hang on to their beauty.

I am thankful daily for all the blessings I am so undeserving of but yet have received anyway.  These moments are a blessing and I am so grateful.

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