06 July 2012

blogging anniversary

Just a little celebration to say "yeah me."  I just happened upon the date of having my blog and realized it was 6 years ago this month!  A lot has changed in life since then.  I had just arrived back from student teaching overseas and traveling Europe for my first time.  My husband was still in the midst of graduate school for theology, we had one dog and we lived in a tiny house.  Life seemed relatively simple back then.  We've traveled many places since then including another trip to Europe and countless other places up and down the I-5 corridor especially.  We've added another dog, fostered more, had our first child, sold our first house (and bought our second), graduated from school, run our own business, joined book clubs, changed churches and on and on and on.

So, just a fun little moment to say "wow" I'm been rambling on about my life on the internet for 6 years.  I didn't even realize it had been so long.  Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting me and thanks for being an audience to my ramblings.  More to come...

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