27 September 2011

words (in no particular order)

Aven is now 17 months old and I can barely keep up with all of the new words she seems to be learning daily!  More to be posted of her at 17 months and some funny pics and quotes to go along.

doggie, mommy, daddy, up (uppie), please (ese), yeah/yes/ya, no, socks, shoes, slippers (slippies or slips), down, drink, bite, bowl (not sure on this one yet), book (bookie), birdie, outside, thank you, help me (yep me), more, blankie, binkie, night-night, bye-bye, what's that, hello (hallo), hi, Amah, Grandpa (Boppa), ouchie, bonkers, hot (complete with hand motion), sip, pet/pat (for doggies), baby

more, please, all done

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