11 September 2011


This weekend Abe's Dad (Randy) was "shipped" off to Afghanistan for a year as a private electrical contractor.  We went down, a bit last minute, to Southern Oregon to send him off and to surprise him with a going away party.  While we were there Aven got to spend a little time with her cousin who is 6 months older, Asha Rose.  It was cute to see them playing together (and arguing over who got to hold which balloon); making messes and running around the park together on this sweaty warm summer day.  It was cute too since Aven had never really hugged someone with her arms around them completely, and she did to Asha Rose in a "squeezy hug."  We are so blessed to have people in our lives who love and support us.  

We will miss you this next year Randy.  

Be safe, our prayers are with you.

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