27 September 2011

summer lovin'

Well, summer is officially over here in Bellingham, Washington.  This last two days has brought the rain and wind down hard.  We enjoyed an unusually warm September probably the warmest since I've been in Bellingham....didn't turn my heater on until about 2 weeks ago and even then had the windows open several evenings throughout the week.

I am ready for soups and Christmas (dare I say), cider, warm coffees, eggnog lattes, evening candles, snugly movies and books, baking, apple crisps, Thanksgiving and cooking a feast, fall leaves, crisp mornings and cooler evenings and crunchy weekend walks.

I am not ready for rain, lots of cloudy skies, muddy doggie feet, inside babies all the time, rain coats, less time outside, darkness at 4pm, driving for the holidays, winter heating bills, bundling up in too many layers, cold car in the morning, no gutters on the workshop, another summer gone by with not enough done.

Regardless the temperature, the season or the like/dislike- I am thankful for it all.  The rainy days remind me to be thankful when the sun shines through and the blue peeks out; the unexpected warmth on a lunch break reminds me that the winter weather will not always prevail and the muddy doggie paws reminds me that even though it creates more mess and laundry, we can always have fun if we are willing to get a little dirty.

Here's to winter, spring and summer, and all that this next season will bring.

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