21 August 2011

my little house

This month marks the two year anniversary of moving into our house here on Ellis St.  A lot  has happened since we moved in here.  We have added to our family, a change that we found out only weeks after getting the keys to the new place; we have gone through a lot of personal challenges with life, church and work; we have almost completely restored the garage/barn/shop and fully fenced the yard plus other miscellaneous projects (replacing the electrical panel, water pump, added to the parking area, cut down many trees, pulled many weeds, created some border planting areas, etc).

There are still so many things that we want to do and now that we have an active toddler, it seems like the time and energy to do those projects (not to mention the money) seems to be harder and harder to find.  Nevertheless, here are some pics of our house.  I enjoy finding antique treasures and finding great ways to display them in my 1908 home.  I like finding unique items and displaying them in a way that illuminates their lines and shapes.  I try to be a purist whenever possible or practical (and even sometimes when its not) when restoring our home; keeping things as original as possible and lovingly restoring or upgrading things but keeping them with the original architectural style or feel.

Our house has also been home to so many events as well from hosting the last two Christmases for all of our families, Thanksgiving for friends last year as well as a Christmas party for friends, a few baby showers, work get togethers as well as dinners with friends.  One of the things that we both really looked forward to when buying a bigger house was being able to be more hospitable- hosting more events and having people over more.  I feel like we have already built so many memories here.  Even though it has only been two years- it feels like longer since it feels like home.  The more memories that we make and the more work that we do on this house-the blood, sweat and tears- the more it feels like our home.

I have really been needing to get an update out on the garage and some pictures as well.  I am kind of just waiting until things get buttoned up so that I can show the whole progression- even the finished project- not too far away.

I look forward to building many more memories like this weekend: hosting Aven's Baptism party and our having our families visit- my Mom and her hubby camping in the driveway and dinner out back of bbq'd salmon, potatoes and broccoli...then staying up late to bake cupcakes for the next day....

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