23 August 2011

months 15 & 16

You have changed so much in these past two months it is hard to keep track of all of the new things.  I think it is so cute and funny that most pictures I pulled up to post have you either holding a book, a toy or some sort of food.  

You really love reading books though.  You have always enjoyed being read to but now you go to your bookshelf and pick them out and bring them to Daddy or me and say "ese (please)" and rub your chest.  Then you climb up onto the couch or say "up" and settle into our lap as we read the book to you while you turn the pages.  It is super cute to see you reading books to yourself in the car (even if it is upside down) or to the doggies as well on their new bed.  They don't seem to mind.

You have been walking for about 2 months now and you are starting to do a little running.  You are very good at climbing up onto things but also pretty good about getting down too (especially chairs and couches).  You love to go to the park and when you see the play equipment even from far away you start getting really excited and pointing at the slide, etc.

You are still very good at playing by yourself and can entertain yourself for hours with the funniest and simplest things sometimes.  After your baptism party you playing in and out of a cardboard box for at least a half an hour and with some shreds of tissue paper.

You really love the doggies and are so good at interacting with them.  You love to pet and pat them.  You will gladly share your treats with them but when you don't want to share you push them away.  You like to climb up onto their bed and play with your toys or read your books sitting right next to them.  You like to take them toys on their bed and get extra kisses from them too.  Ethel seems a little more interested in interacting with you but the other day Eleanor let you sit on her while petting her!

You are such a good eater.  We went to the berry farm when visiting friends in Spokane and you ate so many berries right out of the picked bin and then did a fairly good job of picking them off the bushes as well (mostly ripe ones too!).  You are not the most adventurous eater but if Mommy or Daddy are eating something you are often willing to try it too.  You are still nursing just in the morning and before bed.  You drink a lot of water and like to drink out of a big cup (with our help of course) but you don't drink milk or juice.  You love fruit, beans & rice, salmon burgers, Ginger Cats (from Trader Joes) and your little O's cup with snacks in side like Cheddar Bunnies or the like.  

You are learning so many words right now and are almost mimicking sentences although most of what you say means nothing specifically to me yet.  You know: Mama, what's that, doggie, up, more, please, and book.  Sometimes you say duck and Daddy.  You know the signs for food, more, please, and all done. 

You are interested in all sorts of toys and always of going outside.  You seem to enjoy a variety of toys from dolls to trucks, blocks, books and other fun stackable items.  You also make toys out of random objects like this cup and car that you played with for probably 20 minutes.

You are learning so much.  It is hard to keep track of your leaps and bounds and the ways that you are interpreting the world around you.  This last weekend on your 16th month anniversary, you were Baptised.  It was a super fun day and we celebrated with family and friends at a big barbecue.  You are getting so funny and entertaining.  Sometimes I just marvel at what a miracle of a little joyful being you are.  You seem to easily embrace any situation, are not afraid of new people or places, you are easily entertained and fun loving.  You have such a loving and sweet natured spirit.  In some ways you test the waters by having my stubbornness and Daddy's patience (a challenging combination) but it will most likely be these two things working together that help you get things accomplished in life.  I can't wait to see what our next adventures will be.

We are so proud of you and love you so much Aven Lily.

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