27 July 2011

Gosh, where has the time gone?

This (mostly) rainy (mostly) cloudy and overcast and (mostly) cool summer is slipping by and I have little to show for it so far.  Oh yes, I had many plans of camping with Abe and taking Aven a few times.  Going on tons of hikes with the doggies maybe even after work in the evenings while it was still light, getting a garden together for this fall or next spring and doing some major overhaul in the yard...just to name a few.  I had wanted to spend more time with friends, make more yummy recipes and finish my book club books, start running a bit and eat healthier.

Hmmm, where am I on this list?  It seems like it is going so fast and little has been accomplished.  I try not to be discouraged at what I haven't done and focus on what I have.  I have taken my dogs out most sunny days I am not working.  I have consistently mowed my lawn almost every week this summer.  I have thrown a baby shower and taken several meals to friends with new babies.  I have spent time with my Mom and Bill, with Abe's Mom and with several friends.  Life just gets away from us and all the business of life- the chores, the bills, and the kiddos all take precious time.  You have to learn to balance and juggle and prioritize all at once.  You make split second decisions about what is most important to do: spend time with my husband or clean the kitchen up after dinner....pick up poop in my yard or take the dogs out for a hike?  The few precious hours my child sleeps every day I have off are bombarded with these difficult decisions and yet even if things don't get done it is usually okay.  I just have to let the little things go and focus on the big picture.

All of this to say, life has been busy.  A few weeks ago Abe's Mom came up to visit us.  We had a great time and I know she loved hanging out with Aven.  She watched Aven for two days while Abe and I worked and she made dinner.  She was really trying to win that super Grandma award!  On the weekend, we took her to Port Townsend to do some shopping, browsing and general hanging out.  She seemed to really like it as there were many fun antique shops, clothing stores and knitting places.  We were a bit challenged on time and probably could have spent a whole other day shopping but such is life.    On Sunday I drove Ilene back to Seattle to meet up with her friends to go back to Oregon.  Aven did well but she spent a lot of time in the car being driven to and fro that weekend.

Aven is now 15 months.  She is walking everywhere and seems to really love her new found freedom.  She is experimenting more with certain "words" or sounds and is figuring out more and more how she can communicate with the world.  It is really cute.  She is understanding more things that we say daily and she is able to help pick up her toys a bit, put her dirty clothes in the laundry basket, ask for more, say she's all done and ask please when eating.  She likes her new pink shoes that finally fit her and she loves getting into the kitchen cupboards.  She is still getting in all 4 molars.  They already poked through on one side but the other prongs are now coming through.  She is a bit clingy to Mom especially when I take her to daycare.  This is a totally normal phase I know but breaks my heart a little every time.  She is perfectly happy and as soon as I set her down and begin to leave she drops her mouth wide open and inhales for a few seconds letting out a terrible cry, big 'ol tears followed by alternating screaming and crying.  I know she will be fine but it is difficult nonetheless.  She really loves the dogs and likes to interact with them when they will tolerate it.  She loves watching older kids play and when they like to interact with her.  She is really interested in her books and regularly asks me to take them off the shelf so she can read them to herself.  She continues to love music, pushing her tush back and forth to just about any music regardless of beat, rhythm or the like.  She continues to be a big eater and loves her fruit (berries especially but also pear, apple, etc), carbs and saltier things like cheese quesadillas and salmon burgers.  The other night at dinner she ate and entire salmon burger (none of it on the floor) in addition to many other fruits and snacks.  It was actually amazing!

Summer is creeping nearer a close and yet so many things unfinished.  I realize that this is a busy time in life and I don't want to look back and regret not spending more time with my family only to check things off a list.  Here's to getting a few more things accomplished while enjoying life at the same time.

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