10 July 2011

walking and so much more

There is so much to blog about and I have a million posts on my mind about the newly renovated shop out back, what we've been up to, life, our 2nd trip taking Aven to the aquarium and good weather but I did want to say that she is finally walking!  It happened about two weeks ago when my Mom and her husband were in town.  We were camping with them for the night and while Abe and I were packing up our things to get ready to leave, my Mom just kept walking around the campground again and again and by the end Aven was walking on her own- taking more and more steps.  It is pretty much the cutest thing ever!  She is pretty good at getting to a standing positing from a squatting or sitting position and likes to carry things in both hands while she does.  Will post more soon.

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