22 June 2011

14 month update

 eats: everything!  She loves pretty much any fruit: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, mango, banana, apple, oranges, dried cherries & cranberries.  She loves avocado, black beans, quesadilla, cheese, crackers, plain yogurt and just about anything we eat.  She is currently getting 4 molars so it won't be long until she can eat more raw veggies.  She is great about drinking water but won't really drink much milk.  She is still breastfeeding 2-3 times a day.  She is very independent and opinionated when it comes to what she wants (or doesn't).

 talks about everything: just because I don't really know what she is saying doesn't mean that she doesn't!  She does say Mama, Dada, uh-uh-oh, doggie, and what's that.  She now knows the signs for more, milk and all done.  Whenever she does figure out exactly how to talk or what she wants to say, look out.  The child is always making sounds and talking, pretty cute sounds I might add.  She experiments with all kinds of volumes and all sorts of noises.

 crawls/goes...everywhere!  loves to climb onto anything she can and especially loves climbing the stairs however she only likes to walk down them (with our help of course- reaches out for hands to help her).  Only a matter of time until she decides to make up her mind and walk.  The most steps she's taken on her own is 11 so far.  She loves just getting outside (and has since day one).  We go on as many walks as possible and she goes in the stroller, backpack, in our arms or in her new bike.  She loves riding in it.

 gets into everything...every cupboard, every pan, dish, tupperware, box of cereal, diaper, toy, piece of trash on the floor or dirt, into and out of dog crates, up step ladders, on top of her walker, etc.  If she can touch it, she wants to mess with it. (As I am writing this post she pulled out the cheerio box, opened the lid and started helping herself to a snack!).  Just yesterday I noticed that she can almost reach the doorknobs.

Our little munchkin is learning so many new things.  She is becoming more and more her own person each and every day and despite her challenging moments and expressive opinions, she warms our hearts and brings so much joy to what we do.  

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