22 June 2011

sounds from the morning

On any given day my morning sounds like this:

turning on the gas stove to heat up water for coffee
coffee grinder
birds chirping and announcing the days light outside
hum of the fridge
restlessness of the dogs in their crates
opening of the back door to let them out
morning sounds of a baby waking up
turning on the shower head
closing the diaper pail
metal lids on the dog bins opening to get them food
8 excited feet running towards their food bowls
squeals as my daughter pulls apart her socks (a morning tradition)
typing on the computer (my husband checking his email)
yawning, sighing parents, frustrated grunts from the baby
whirring of the espresso machine-so lovely
Velcros of shoes
zipping of jackets and sweatshirts
trucks, cars and motorcycles whizzing by in the rush to work
slaps of little crawling hands along the floor
opening and closing of the refrigerator
hurriedly closing the door
locking of the key
starting of the engine
crunch of gravel underneath the wheels
hum of the engine driving us to work, errands, daycare and off to start the day

hope your morning is sounding good

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