13 July 2011

Aquarium 2

A few weeks back we took Aven to Seattle for her second trip to the Aquarium.  For her birthday we took her and decided to buy a one year pass since we go down frequently and that way it would give us something fun to do there as a family.  It was interesting to watch in just two months time how much Aven has changed, how her interests changed and her fascination with certain things was different.  For example, when we went on her birthday she was really interested in the jelly fish but totally uninterested in the touch pools.  This time after I took her to the touch pools, every time I set her down to walk she kept wandering back over to the touch pool area with a grunting and pointing (meaning that she wanted to touch them again).  She wasn't afraid of the anemones moving or the coolness of the water, she was fascinated.  Like before she was eagerly interested in each tank and the different sea life that was swimming around in each one.

My favorite part was in the entry area with the 2 story tall tank when Aven kept saying, "What's that?" louder and louder, each time with more and more enthusiasm.  It was pretty darn cute.  We wandered among the crowds of people (4th of July weekend), the double strollers, the kids, the parents, families, grandparents, etc., and took in all the sites.  It was a really fun day of hanging out as a family and it was neat to see how interested Aven was in all of the different exhibits and animals.

 Afterwards we went to an antique shop across the way and Aven took her first ride on a horse.  You remember those ones outside places like Kmart or inside a mall where you put in a quarter and it rocks back and forth?  Well, there was a vintage one there outside of the Antique store and Aven thought it was so fun.  She had a huge smile on her face and seemed to delight all of the passers by too.
Same tank, July 3rd
On Aven's Birthday April 21st 

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