13 July 2010

More on family

Thank you family. I just want to thank our families for making such a great effort to welcome Aven into the world. Abe's parents were able to come up the first week after she was born and took wonderful care of us while also helping to put up a fence around our yard. My Mom & her husband, Bill, also came for a week while Abe was a teacher's assistant for a class at his school in Vancouver, BC and hung out with Aven and I and the doggies. Lastly, my brother and his wife came up for a weekend and spoiled Aven crazy. I am so thankful that you all are in her life and have already taken the time to see her. I know that our annual family camping trip in August will be a weekend of spoil the baby and she'll get to meet my dad, Grandpa Glen, as well.

This last weekend, Abe's parents made a second trip up just to see little Aven and we had a wonderful time. It was nice for them to see how much she has changed in almost 3 months! We had a great time doing lots of walking and eating. The first night we did some barbecuing and enjoyed a yummy salad and dessert at Mallards ice cream. The second day Ilene, Randy, Aven and I walked to the Bellingham Farmer's Market and gathered up some treats for an afternoon picnic: fresh organic raspberries and strawberries, Golden Glen and Samish Bay Creamery cheeses, Bread Farm bread and fresh local sugar snap peas. We also bought some sandwiches from Old World Deli and trekked out to the North Shore trail head and took a walk in the wonderful sun. The two doggies, Abe's parents, Abe, Aven and I all loaded up in the Forester and set out to have a great time.

Again, it seems that good weather and food had brought us together. Most of all though, I just want to say how lucky our little girl is to have these wonderful people who love her so much already in our lives.

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Elisa said...

I'm incredibly jealous that Ilene and Randy got to see Aven recently. Amazing to see how much she has changed already! You have that sign up sheet ready for the camping trip right? If you could put Bryce down for half the day on Saturday and me for the other half of the day that would be great......