27 July 2010


Last week I went back to work. Aven spends 3 days a week at daycare at the YMCA and one day with me and one with Daddy. So far he is figuring things out really quickly and doing a great job. He is so cute with her. He likes to hold her and giggle with her and make funny noises and do all the things that we make fun of other parents for! Last week he "just wanted to hold her" on his lunch break. Unfortunately this disrupted her nap cycle for the afternoon but it was cute that he just wanted to see her. Her first day at daycare, he rode his bike over to see her and hang out with her for a bit. So, Daddy and Aven days are going well. They are figuring out their routine and I'm figuring out mine. It is complicated getting everything where it needs to go at the right time! Baby here, Mommy there, how to coordinate schedules, etc. But overall we are adjusting to the new schedule and Aven seems to be doing great at daycare. Here are some cute pictures of Daddy & Aven. I think the funniest one is of her crying, she's still so cute even when she cries.

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