13 July 2010

Family Days

After a week in Denver Colorado, Abe arrived back safely. They had some car troubles along the way and a scare where Abe thought his bag was stolen so all of our credit and debit cards were cancelled and on top of everything else, Greg's wife (Greg was the furniture guy Abe was traveling with) had her baby! It was quite a trip. I stayed home with Aven and the doggies and we made our way just us girls. As a welcome home event, Aven and I met Abe in Seattle for a few days to celebrate!

We met up on Tuesday afternoon and spent about an hour searching for a deli in Georgetown (South Seattle). After finally locating the evasive little place called Smarty's, we realized that it is actually a bar (no babies allowed). So, we wandered around the cool industrial feeling brick buildings of Georgetown and found that it is predominately bars! Again, no babies. So, we wandered down an alley and located a wonderful authentic Neapolitan pizza place: Via Tribunali. This place is one of a few that has a special seal of approval for Neapolitan style pizzas. It means that the place must adhere to certain ingredients, cooking styles and most importantly the oven that the pizza is cooked in. We had a delicious lunch of Pizza (the Prosciutto Cotto- pomodoro, fresh mozzarella, basil and prosciutto cotto) and a wonderful salad called the Speck e fagioli (this had arugula, shaved Parmesan, prosciutto, cennellini beans and lemon) it was quite tasty. We sat outside in the warm sunshine, about the 3rd nice day of summer in Washington. After this we skipped down the street to All City Coffee who serves Vita coffee. I had a delicious latte and we strolled back to our car only to see the meter maid about moments from placing a ticket on our car. The area we parked wasn't a pay zone but you can only park there during non-peak hours (from 10-4) because it is a driving lane after that. We arrived at the car at 4:07 and luckily the policewoman spared us the ticket with a harsh warning.

After this we wandered around Rejuvination and then checked into our hotel, the Silver Cloud, right across from Safeco Stadium. We caught the 7:10 game against the KC Royals and thought we had the game beat until the 8th inning. It was a sad loss but a great time for Aven's first baseball game and for only $16. I am happy to say that you can still go to a baseball game for less than a movie! After the game we dined at Jimmy's on First (the restaurant under our hotel) and turned in for the evening.

The next morning, we loaded up the baby in the Bjorn and walked to Pike Place market to enjoy wonderful French pastries at Le Pain and some tasty coffee too. We browsed through the Northwest Fine Woodworking gallery in Pioneer Square and checked out of our room. We spent the day wandering around some of our old favorite haunts: Johnson & Johnson Antiques and Antika on Greenwood and went to Voxx coffee on Queen Anne for some Panini Sandwiches and more yummy coffee (Stumptown roasters). All in all it was a good day and Aven did quite well. By the end of the day she was ready to be out of her car seat for good and we were ready to get home. It was a great two days of hanging out together, eating delicious food and enjoying the first few days of real summer weather.

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