04 May 2010

She's Ours

Not much new to report here. Yesterday was my due date (May 3rd)...thank Goodness I am not still pregnant! It already feels like a long time ago. Tomorrow is her two week checkup at the Dr. She's had her first bath, first hike and first story. She's gone through dozens of diapers, outfit changes and dirty clothes and blankets. Such is the life of a baby.


AndiMae said...

Happy first Mother's Day, beautiful friend! I'm so sorry + sad that I keep on missing your phone calls- I promise to call + catch up this week- I miss you so much! Hope you had a wonderful day! And thank you so much for posting all the sweet pictures of Aven- she is so beautiful!
I love you!

Elisa said...

Vale - I need to do a better job of checking in on your blog! Aven is beautiful and you look fantastic! Hope you are enjoying this time off adn that you had a great Mother's day. :) Bryce and I are looking forward to our trip up there next weekend. In the meantime, say hi to Abe, the puppies and of course sweet Aven. Hugs!!!