29 April 2010

Going Fast

It is hard to believe that a week has come and gone. Aven is adjusting to life outside the womb and I am adjusting to her being here. I've had a few baby-free outings but I am on edge waiting for that wailing phone call to come home. The weather has been beautiful and many things are in bloom in my yard. Even though there is much to be desired in terms of yard control and weeding, the large and established Rhododendron, the lilac bush and our brand new fence all make things seem a lot better.

Abe's parents have been here spending time with Aven and taking care of us. Grandpa (Boppa) likes Aven best when she's sleeping and volunteers to "take care of her" during these times (secretly he wants a small nap himself). Grandma takes all jobs: dinner, dishes, laundry, changing diapers and taking care of Mommy & Daddy very seriously. She also doesn't miss an opportunity to hold little Aven, even if she's screaming during those moments. I've been a bit camera happy and know that I am going to have a huge stockpile of pictures after only a month! It is hard not to take pictures of your little one when they seem to be changing so quickly each day. Today she smiled at me while her eyes were open so I felt very proud.

Will keep you posted on new and exciting events at the Bates home.

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