28 May 2010

secret club

Well, I am officially part of the Mom/parents club. It is weird how you can identify with a whole new group of people out in the world! Aven turned 5 weeks this last Wednesday and I can hardly believe the every day she grows is a day less I have before I have to go back to work! I have about 7 weeks left, a few weeks of part time (saved vacation days) and then back full time. Today we toured the YMCA for childcare. Everyone there seems really sweet and really seems to love babies, yeah! I think I have taken the cutest picture of Aven yet but I'll post a few since we don't want to miss anything happening. Tonight my brother and his wife are coming to visit and to meet Aven. Thank goodness I am getting to figure things out. Every day I figure something new out about being a Mom, or parent and about how to take care of a newborn. We used our first prefold cloth diapers today and have been using some borrowed Bum Genius brand diapers that a friend lent us to try them out. Rambling, rambling, rambling. We are good. Abe is working hard and when he isn't at work he is working on clearing out our yard and straightening up our old garage. Busy and not slowing down anytime soon. Cheers to you all and happy Memorial Day weekend.

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