11 April 2010

Almost there......

Hello friends,
Hard to believe that tomorrow marks my 37th week already. I have been terrible about taking pictures or documenting any information on my pregnancy. In a way I feel that I have just been trying to enjoy the process and not get stuck on too many details. I have felt relatively good all the way up until about week 34 when my feet started swelling and I finally felt "pregnant." I have been able to continue walking (although slower) with my doggies on light hikes and working out in the morning although I will admit at the end of the day I don't feel like doing much other than putting up my swollen feet and watching some tv or reading.

We are feeling mostly prepared in terms of stuff though. We have organized the nursery, installed the car seat and started packing the hospital bag. Her high chair is ready and waiting (although we won't need it for awhile) and as long as she stays in for another week, Abe will be done with graduate school (amen!). I bought the Eric Carle baby journal and am feeling excited about writing down some thoughts before I get to meet the little one (whose name will be Aven Lily by the way).

Here are a few photos of me pregnant (they are in backwards order but it almost feels like I'm getting thinner!). The first is at Jan 1st, then Jan 14th and a jump all the way until today: April 11th).

Well, knowing me, the next post will be of a beautiful little (hopefully) baby girl but perhaps I'll feel inspired before that, who knows!

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