16 March 2009


Just a random thought.  Being sick allows you to wear the absolute tackiest/most hideous clothing you own and all at the same time- but you really don't care!  I have had the flu for the last 5 days.  It really really stunk.  I was majorly wiped out and slept off and on all of the first 3 days with the exception of getting caught up on TV shows, reading a few pages of my next book club book Ghost Story by Peter Straub and doing some more research for my upcoming trip to Prague in a little over a month!

On a more positive note.....

Loving my new digital camera Nikon D80 * Loving  my Chocolate Cake book by Michele Uravater who had some delicious brownie recipes I've made lately * Loving the idea of travelling really soon!  Yeah. * Loving  having some guilty TV pleasures such as Gray's Anatomy and Alias * Loving working out again- my kind friend Kari convinced me to go back to working out and at 6:45 three days a week, I think I actually do love it * Loving having so many great friends here in Bellingham that are so supportive of everything that I love to do and surround me in any situation- thanks for being there you just pop out of nowhere and I love it * Loving listening to music again.  I've always loved music and listening to music, music appreciation you might say, but my trigger has again been activated with encouragement from a few good friends compilations.  I'm back on the music train.  Visit my music review blog if you want to see more: www.circular-review.blogspot.com......

Just a little random update of thought from me.


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