17 March 2009

Trip Abroad

So far here are some of the places I am really excited to visit in the Czech Republic.  I can't pronounce probably any of them correctly but that doesn't mean I can't wait to go!

Prague ** Cesky Krumlov ** Telc ** Moravsky Krumlov ** Trebic ** Cesky Budojovice ** Mikolov (wine region) ** Olomouc ** Hradek Kralove **Lednice & Valtice

I plan on drinking wine and beer, visiting a Motorcycle Museum, many beautiful churches, castles, underground tunnels, rivers, canals, mountains, museums of Modern History, Monasteries, architecture from the Renaissance, Art Nouveau, and many others.

If you are curious how to say them, where they are or what is there, do a little google searching! Oh, check out my blog: www.circular-review.blogspot.com for a link to the new Joe Purdy album released today!

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