24 October 2008

Memories of Summer

The fall always brings with it a new set of routines for me. The morning are colder, the evenings are darker and I tend to stay inside more. I watch more TV, eat more cookies and unnecessary sugars and I stay up late on Friday nights while my husband sleeps on the couch and write posts on my blogs and listen to new music. Lately, I've been posting musical info on my new blog that I share with some of my favorite people. If you'd like to visit this please click here.

The holidays seem to be closing in around the corner yet there are so many lovely things to do until then. The month of November will bring a girls weekend away in Seattle to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday, Abe and I will take a weekend away to relax, Abe's parents will come up for Thanksgiving and there are two more paid holidays off from work. So, in my spare time, I've been reading (this month's selection is kind of in question as being a "good book"), picking apples with my friend Kari and her cute kids, going to concerts like the Fleet Foxes with my hubby and other friends and staying up way too late watching forensic shows and going with a friend/coworker to try on wedding dresses and then still hiking with the puppies through the mud and fallen leaves on the weekends.

That is all for now.

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