29 September 2008

A Contrast In Thoughts

Things that have been bringing me joy lately:
  • Watching all the leaves turn lovely shades of orange, rusty red and verdant green.  I saw several really large maple leaves along the trail I often hike with my dogs and it was a bright yellow with all the veins of the leaf bleeding green.  It was quite striking.
  • Being busy.  My job has been terribly busy these last few weeks and it is both alternately driving me crazy and keeping me challenged.
  • Van Morrison's Tupelo Honey album
  • English muffins with peanut butter and a glass of cold milk
  • Reading Anne Rule's Green River, Running Red about the Green River killer in the Seattle-Tacoma area during the early 1980's 
  • Watching my garden grow-my first crop of snap peas will be ready to harvest soon and there are several baby carrots awaiting a late fall plucking.
  • The movie Persopolis just watch it (French subtitles about an Iranian girl in the late 70's through the 90's- excellent!).
  • My Bible Study group (a wonderful group of new friends who are amazingly honest for not knowing me too well).
What I'm not digging on:
  • I cannot seem to get motivated to cook lately (even pasta which is my absolute favorite)
  • My apple computer (it has been getting a "bug" a lot lately!  ahhhhhhh........)
  • Having to warm up my super cute 1964 Ford truck in the morning before driving the pathetic 1 mile to work 
  • Having piles of laundry build up in the basket-finally washing them-then having them pile up on a chair waiting for folding-then folding them and having them sit on the dresser for days before finally being put away.  Well, then, you know what happens next...
  • Feeling bored with my wardrobe 
  • Not getting into my new bookclub book
  • Constantly having a pile of papers on my desk
  • Not understanding how to download my shutterfly developed photos onto my computer
Some things are small, some large and unruly.  Just my life in a nutshell when reflecting at 11:50 pm.

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