14 September 2008

Weekend Highlights

It is now Sunday night at 8:20 pm and the weekend is wrapping up.  It was an absolutely beautiful weekend in Bellingham.  It was the kind of weekend that makes this area worth all the rainy and gray days throughout the fall and early spring.  The sky was an almost spotless blue and the weather was fall in every way: crisp and cool mornings and lovely and refreshing afternoons-full sun and a light afternoon breeze.  In tribute to the weekend I thought I'd share some highlights:

  • Saturday: Went hiking with a friend, Bobbie Ruth, and her two dogs (one is Ethel's sister) -we went on a new trail that boasted views of Bellingham bay on one side and further up the trail a top view of Fragrance Lake.  We had the entire trail to ourselves and I enjoyed both seeing the dogs run and play as well as getting a bit of a work out on the hill climb.
  • Saturday: Went to the local Deals Only store (get all of your favorite dry goods there for super cheap!), made copies of the flier for our neighborhood picnic next weekend and stopped by the fruit and vegetable stand.  It got 4 Roma tomatoes, 3 ears of corn, a clove of garlic, 8 peaches and a lemon for $5.75.  I was excited.
  • Saturday: Delivered the neighborhood newsletter to about 35 houses and walked my dog Ethel to each doorstep.
  • Saturday: Went to St. Sophia's Greek Food Festival-now an annual tradition.  I think this might be my 4th year.  After a chicken Gyro (pronounced "year-o"), I enjoyed a lovely cup of Turkish/Greek coffee and some loukamades (these are fresh fried donut balls dipped in honey and brushed with cinnamon).  
  • Sunday: Went on the Lake Padden off leash trails with my friend Jenny and her dog Inca.  It was again an absolutely beautiful day and we saw only 1 person the whole trail.  We had great conversation and it was nice to catch up with her since I haven't seen her for a month or so.
  • Sunday: Shopped for a birthday present for a friend (fun), shopped for birthday cards (annoying-I couldn't find anything I liked and they were too expensive), came home and made my own (fun).  Made a yummy dinner of baked potatoes and spicy Italian sausage from Trader Joes, watched a great Seinfeld episode and posted on my blog.
This next week is bound to be busy with 6 days of work ahead of me, and the final count down for our neighborhood picnic (I am the coordinator).  I will likely be getting up early to pick up hot dogs, staying up late to send emails and make sure everything is in place and all the while trying to stay on top of laundry and cleaning.  

Sometimes I feel guilty for enjoying my weekends and not doing too much or even for sleeping in and not being "productive."  Then I have to realize that I try to do that all week.  It is okay to enjoy the sunshine, my dogs and husband and good food and sometimes linger too long when I'm shopping or walking-just to relax and enjoy my life.  I hope you all have a great week.

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