11 August 2008

10 on (of) 10 August

1-Using an old planter that had been sitting on the side of our house empty growing moss to plant a struggling Japanese Maple and two delightful Hebes.
2-Planting some Mexican Feather grass in two unused terra cotta planters to welcome guests.  They look so nice and carefree blowing in the wind.
3-Munchkin Ethel after a long afternoon hike.  The girls had been cooped up for several days so our hike and afternoon sun provided a much needed run of the legs.

4-Munchkin Eleanor-Always playing the part after her exercise.  Later she curled up next to daddy on the couch while we watched a movie.
5-A pile of laundry waiting for me to do later.6-Fresh marjoram and basil leaves from my garden being cleansed and prepared to chop for homemade Penne Arriabiatta.
7-My favorite of Trader Joe's chicken sausages "Spicy Italian"-seasoned with fennel and peppers.  These were getting grilled to go on top of the pasta.  Mmmmmm.
8-Just underneath this boiling froth were my favorite noodles softening in gently salted water.
9-Steam and yummy pasta sauce from my favorite book by Williams-Sonoma "Pasta."  This was just some tomatoes in their own sauce, a healthy pinch of red pepper flakes and garlic and olive oil.
10-Delicious raspberries picked from my friend Kari's garden this afternoon.  To celebrate I made another recipe of chocolate pudding with fresh raspberries on top and shaved chocolate for dessert.  This came from the Moosewood Low-Fat Favorites cookbook-easy, delicious and guilt-free!

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