23 July 2008

Midnight Ramblings: Nostalgia for First Kisses

It is a weird thing when you are 28 and have already been married for 9 years.  A third of your life together with another person who probably knows you better than yourself.  This (in almost all cases) is a good thing.  It is a little sad though when you love kisses but forget what it was like the first time.  Like any other woman, I love my romantic comedies, hey, I'll settle for romantic moments on sitcoms!  I think it is probably the overly romantic and cheesy moments that seem so sentimental captured in perfect words, lighting, hairdos and the like.  But truly, even the most awkward moments can be totally romantic.
The first kiss is really the most magical.  It probably ends with licking our lips, pausing to think about what just happened, and probably since it was so magical, a second.  I don't remember the first or second or any particular ones afterward.  I do remember the kiss under the alter at our wedding (long-or so it seemed that way when everyone was watching).  I do remember the one when we rode the escalator into Paris from the airport.  It was the first of 5 weeks of our European vacation and my husband slid his arm around my waist and leaned over and kissed me softly and told me that he thinks Paris is romantic.  I remember the one when we took a photograph of ourselves on our 7th anniversary in blustery and overcast weather in all places (Centralia).  And I remember the one tonight when I kissed my sweet husband goodnight even though he's been asleep for awhile.
What is all this rambling for?  I suppose it is easy to think of other lives being more romantic than our own, especially in our pop culture and movie infused lives.  It is nice to think of how sweet and unexpected that first kiss can be.  And it is easy to miss the feeling and anticipation of what it would be like to kiss someone for the first time.  You can only do something the first time once.  That is all.  You can never recreate it, recapture it or remember it or expect it quite like the first time.  But you can enjoy each moment thereafter.
(P.S.  The photo at the top seemed especially appropriate since I wrote this post after watching the romantic tension between some characters on one of my new favorite shows: Bones.)

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AndiMae said...

I love this post! I often think the same thing- that I wish I could go back and experience Erik and my first kiss again. Yet, there really is something so beautiful and romantic about being with someone who truly knows you so well!

I can't wait to see you next week!