09 July 2008

Updated Report

Oh what fun it can be rambling about a good book.....
I just joined a book club with a friend of mine and we had our initiating ceremony: the first book club meeting.  We read Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner.  It is a story about two couples that become friends during the latter part of the depression in the US.  The husbands are both English professors but both dream of writing full time.  The story follows these two couples as the narrator (one of the husbands) looks back on the last 40 years.  Carefully chosen memories provide insight, humor, frustration and love that make the lasting relationship (between the four of them) highly enviable. 
I was so pleased to get together with these intelligent people and discuss books.  I was a literature major in college and that was mostly all we did, discuss books.  It was nice to be able to have some healthy debates, some disagreements and some good old fashioned conversations about characters, setting, themes and words.  This next month's selection is going to be Kurt Vonnegut's book Bluebeard.  I am looking forward to getting together over last minute snacks and graciously discussing someone else's creation.
P.S.  What are your favorite books or what might you suggest for the following month's selection?

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