26 June 2008

La Musica

Lately I've been collecting a lot of great music from friends.  As any good friend would do, I'm passing along the great information to you!
New Intrigue (perhaps some of these you may already be acquainted with but they're new to me):
amy winehouse:  with a voice like a mix between Lauryn Hill, Etta James and background music straight out of the 50's & 60's with a R & B beat, and a mouth like a sailor-she's a great listen.  
bon iver (for emma): this album has hints of Neil Young but a flavor all its own like Art Garfunkel.  An album that must be listened to to be truly appreciated.  Just take a listen.
the killers (sam's town): another home run from the Killers-a great rock and roll beat that is as catchy as it is fun.  Hints of 80's euro-rock infuse this album just like their other great American hit: Hot fuss.
the weepies (hideaway):  the second studio album from the weepies-duo and lovers Deb Talan and Steven Tannen do indeed make beautiful music.  Their haunting vocals with lightly smoky lyrics sail over the melodic guitar riffs.  My favorite song so far "Antarctica"-great words and another fun melody.
What have you been listening to and why should I?

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