19 August 2008

Random Tuesday

Just thought I'd share some pictures and thoughts with you.

COFFEE....I have noticed that the best Americanos that are made in my espresso machine all have this yling/ylang pattern after pouring the water in.  Perhaps this is the secret to a good cup of coffee?

CUTENESS/BERRY PICKING......A few weeks ago my friend and I went blueberry picking for the second summer in a row.  Not only were the blueberries huge and delicious but it was fun watching her son picking berries but mostly standing around watching all the excitement.

INSPIRATION....Last weekend my husband and I went to Snohomish for a weekend away and some antiquing.  We saw this hillside of all different kinds of heathers and I was very inspired to work on my problem area hillside.

FUN....Just thought I'd show you how cool I am for owning a 1964 Ford F100 truck.  I get lots of compliments and I just feel like I'm having fun driving around.

Have a great week.

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