16 February 2008

Silver Lake

One of the Christmas gifts I gave to Abe was a weekend away to relax. I booked a cabin at Silver Lake (which is about 4 miles outside of Maple Falls). While there were some things I forgot to bring we had a great time just relaxing: watching movies on our laptop, playing cards and reading, sitting on the porch and looking out at the frozen lake. We made a fire on Saturday night and listened to it crackling as we snuggled in our warm bed and ate cookies and milk. All in all, it was exactly what we needed.
Mental List for "next time"-
Bring: teapot or something other than a skillet to heat water in, cups/glasses or something other than the reclaimed coffee cup from the coffee shop in Maple Falls, flashlight (better than stumbling around on frozen snow on your way to the pit toilet in the middle of the night - hint, cell phones don't work for flashlights), candles can be romantic- bring too.

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