03 July 2007

Summer is Shaping Up

I love one phrase that I heard: "If you want something done, give it to a busy man." In my life, this seems so true. While it is nice to have free time, with too much I don't find that I'm as productive. Without deadlines, guidelines and perameters, there is sometimes little motivating one to get something done. It is strange because this is the first summer I've had "off" since I was a freshman in high school. I've always had a job or school. Technically I'm not totally "off" since I'm working part-time at the bank I've worked for for 8+ years but it feels like a lot of extra free time. I thought you might be interested in what I've been doing, enjoying, thinking, comtemplating, etc. so far this summer.

It seems that this is a great summer in regards to music! I just found a new band The Decemberists and I love them! The CD is pretty much on repeat to get a feel for all the songs new to me. In addition, I've been absolutely loving the new Alison Krauss & Union Station album titled A Hundred Miles or More. This is sort of a b-sides album with previously unreleased music and soundtrack headliners and some other gems. As with all of their albums, it is another favorite all the way around. Tuesday nights have been finding me singing with our worship team at church. I have always loved music and singing. It just seems to run in my family. My Mom played cello in the local symphony for 25+ years and my Uncle is a college professor of music history and flutist. These are just 2 in a long line of musically talented individuals in my family.

I've been enjoying a random assortment of beverages to whet the thirst. Among them are some lovely micro-brews, refreshing wines, fresh homemade sun-tea, black americanos in the morning and the essential water! One of my new favorite brews is Kona Brewary's Wailua Wheat made with tropical passion fruit (it is delicious with a bit of a sweet fruity finish). Some old standards make the case as well like Pyramid Brewary's Apricot Weisen and Hefeweisen. Among the wines that have been providing me with excellent refreshment are Smoking Loon's voignier and Vall Major terra alta (a white wine from Spain).

To make your own "sun tea" also known as iced tea: place 3 lipton tea bags in a glass jar or container with about 1 Tablespoon of sugar (I like to use turbinado sugar) and place on your deck or front steps for the afternoon. When you head in for the evening, place in your fridge to chill for the night. And voila! Sun tea....yummy as can be and warmed by the sun...cooled by your fridge.

If you know me, you know that I absolutely love my doggies Eleanor & Ethel. Eleanor is now 2 1/2 and will be 3 in October. Ethel "buggie" is 1 1/2. They crack me up with their silly antics, drive me crazy with their dirty habits and bring me lots of joy. If you want to read more about them or any of our foster dogs, click HERE!

Right after my final week of school, Abe and I went with our two puppies on our first annual family camping trip. And I do mean family. My Mom and her husband, my Dad, my husband's parents and neice and my brother and his wife all gathered at Silver Falls Campground in Oregon. We enjoyed relaxing by the fire, eating smores and loads of yummy food including ziplock omelettes and taking a beautiful 9 1/2 mile hike while viewing 10 different waterfalls and meeting my Mom's new dog Magic. Later this summer, I will travel to North Carolina for the first time to meet with my Mom and her 3 other siblings who haven't been together in over 25 years. Between now and then I hope to squeeze in another camping trip, maybe visit Walla Walla, WA, play with my puppies, play games, eat lots of foot, hike, relax, take pictures, watch movies and go to a few Seattle Mariner's Games.

The Unknown:
Amidst everything else going on, I am still applying for teaching jobs for this fall. As I finished up my first year of teaching, I felt a little sad and a little apprehensive. It is weird to not know what you are planning in your life only 3 months away. My job, my husband's job and school, the plans with our house, and when Oscar (our new foster dog) will get adopted. So many questions and seemingly no answers. I suppose this is where faith will have to serve its purpose.



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