08 July 2007

Small Joys Sunday

Thank goodness for summer. It is hard to believe that anything could be more beautiful than our very own Bellingham during the summer (which, by the way, officially started after 4th of July). Although my life seems plagued by uncertainty lately (new teaching job for fall, husband's jobs lined up, adding onto our house, adopting out our new foster dog, impending hospital bills from my husband's recent ankle dislocation, etc.) there are some things that are bringing me joy lately. They seem especially important to focus on in light of that uncertainty.

  1. Newman's Ginger O's (imagine ginger snaps with that really fun creamy filing inside of Oreo's and such).
  2. Despite the extra work, fostering Oscar whom we've had before. Waiting for a new home for him is hard but in the meantime he fits in nice with our happy little family.
  3. House plan books. Even though remodeling our house [now] seems like a long time away, I find joy in learning about all of the intricate design ideas. I have been specifically researching Bungalow Kitchens and have found out so many interesting tidbits.
  4. Babies. Two of my good friends both had babies in the last few months and one is about to deliver...anytime. It is always so precious to watch mothers and babies and fathers and babies together. Those moments seem so pure and magical.
  5. A new band I discovered this last week: The Decemberists. They have a very fun and funky eclectic sound that I've been digging on.
  6. Cooking. Believe it or not, when you have more time, cooking can actually be fun. I don't want you to get the wrong idea. It is not as if I've made everything from scratch but with a full fridge and cupboards, I've had fun throwing together some pasta dishes and cakes lately.
  7. Craigslist. Somehow, this online site went ignored by my Ebaying husband for years. Lately he's been cleaning out the house, garage and storage unit and making money at the same time. It has been glorious for the bank account and valuable space we need.

Hope your life is bringing you joy. And if it seems clouded with uncertainty, try to take pleasure in the little things like Ginger O's (they really are to die for!).

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