27 March 2014

she walks and talks **miss elodie**

Well, I am declaring today March 27, 2014, the day that Elodie started walking.  She has taken upwards of 3-4 steps the last week or so but today was the day she was doing it all on her own.  Gosh it was so cute!  She would hold a baby or a toy and she would walk back and forth to the kitchen and Aven's room.  Then when Aven was having her quiet time, and Elodie finally had some quiet time to herself, she started really practicing.  She was going back and forth from the kitchen to the living room and back.  Ever so quietly and nondescript.  It was so cute to see her tottering and making her way around and carrying a little dolly or toy at the same time.  Of course she still is crawling to get from here to there but its only a matter of time before she's off and running.

I supposed I'll go ahead and declare today the day that Miss Elodie started talking too.  She has slowly said a few sounds these past few weeks but today she really implemented the "all done."  She chit chats and makes sounds and grunts and points and uses some hand gestures but today she kept saying "all done" when looking in her dish from dinner.  She said "all done" after I nursed her and offered her more!  She also clearly said "dada" this morning before Abe went to work.  Now, I won't lie that I wish it were me (she does babble Mamam, mamma sometimes but mostly when she's upset) but it is still so exciting to hear actual words come from her.

 Miss Elodie is officially 15 months old and really starting to shine.  Her little gap toothed smile and sweet demeanor is so affectionate.  She loves to squeal and be silly with her sister and she is really fairly good at manipulating objects like blocks and puzzles and toys that go in and out.  She has much more inclination and interest in these sort of activities than Aven did at that age.  Elodie still likes her dairy and carbs and is only now starting to eat some fruits that aren't pureed.  She still likes her pureed baby foods of sweet potatoes and bananas/strawberries.  She loves yogurt and fruit smoothies and she is  starting to like peanut butter too.  She doesn't care much for any vegetables and not for many raw fruits.  She is really starting to take to her toys and dolls and books.  It is so neat to see.  Also, she was baptized at FPC this last Sunday.

As always, it is a pleasure to watch this little sweet pea growing and changing.  We do love her so.

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