10 February 2014

miss elodie turns *1*

Selfie of the Birthday Girl & Mommy

Birthday bath in your birthday suit :)

I like to list the milestones and idiosyncrasies of my kiddos at each age more for myself than for anyone else so that when I look back I can remember all the funny, silly, even frustrating moments and to give perspective.  Here is an update on miss elodie 12-14 months.  You are growing so fast and the time is going to quickly but we are enjoying watching you grow, seeing your personality unfold and observing your relationships with those around you.

In no specific order:
  • eating: you love food (especially carbs: waffles, bread, crackers, pancakes, toast, cheerios & cereal, oatmeal) you mostly like dairy (cheese, yogurt) and carbs, some fruits (bananas, apples & applesauce and cranberries); you don't seem to like frozen fruit at all (which your sister loved) and you don't seem to like any veggies other than pureed ones like pumpkin and sweet potatoes, you occasionally like some chicken and you like eggs, we haven't introduced cows milk to you yet other than in dairy products mostly because you have had such a nasty cold for the last month and because you still like to nurse quite a bit.  You have really figured out the sippy cup and love water.  You also get jealous if your sister is using a different water bottle then you sometimes.
  • sleep/naps: you vary between 1-2 naps a day depending on when you wake up.  Lately you've been sleeping close to 12 hours a night going down between 7-7:30 and waking up between 7-7:30.  You will often wake up once to either nurse or to snuggle but other than that you are mostly sleeping through the night now and are much better about self soothing when you wake up.  Sometimes you'll fuss a little and then get yourself back to sleep.  Most naps you are good to sleep in your crib although on days you are having trouble napping I still use the swing now and then.  You like to be swaddled with a blanket with your arms wrapped up and you like to sleep on your tummy.
  • toys: you are starting to be interested in books more.  You like to pull all of Aven's books off the shelves in her rooms but you also look through the books and especially ones that have textures interest you.  You have started to like holding dollies and stuffed animals snuggling them up now and then (so so cute!) but mostly you like to play with cups, musical instruments and manipulatives.  You like to put things inside other things like the "What's inside" box Grandma got you for your birthday.  You do silly things like carry around extra binkys or people's dirty socks (one in each hand).  
  • Movement: you like to crawl (and you are really fast), climb (the stairs, watch out) and up onto coffee table or stool. You are a mover!  You are not usually content sitting unless you are tired or snuggling.  You will walk 1-2 steps and then fall into Mommy or Daddy's arms.  You are curious about crawling up on things and into things.  A few times you've taken everything out of a kitchen cabinet and crawled on in.  You like water and love taking baths especially with your sister.  You like to watch the water and play with the toys in the water and you are intrigued by bubbles.  You like to do High 5 now and patty cake and do silly daring things when we're holding you.
  • Personality: you are still a Momma's girl through and through but you really are starting to bond with Daddy more (having a few weeks off at Christmas really helped).  You like to wave to people and you like comfort like your binkys.
  • Talking/Sounds: although you don't say anything recognizable yet you "talk" a lot and make the cutest cooing noises and sounds.  You giggle when you are tickled or laugh sometimes at your sister when she's silly.  You also understand words which is apparent in the way you respond to us.  You can point out Eleanor, Ethel, Mommy, Daddy and Aven when we ask you to.  When I say, "say goodnight" you wave to Daddy & Aven when I take you to bed.  You don't scream nearly as much during mealtimes and mostly because you have mastered the "more" sign which really helps.  You also use a lot of pointing which gets your point across.  This has really helped us have a bit more peaceful eating time as a family.
  • Other: you transitioned into the Toddler 1 room at the Y (1-2 year olds) and are starting to venture out into the classroom and be less shy.  You love your sister and are curious about the dogs (pointing and grunting and occasionally petting them).  You are a sweet girl with a somewhat cautious and pensive personality but you also can light up your face with a smile when you're happy.
It is so fun watching you develop a relationship as a sibling and meander your way through life learning.  You are such a sweet girl and I love kissing your squishy cheeks and watching you smile.  I feel privileged to be your Mommy each and every day.

We love you Miss "E" Elodie Clementine.  Happy first birthday!

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