18 October 2013

elodie {10 months}

My little Miss "E" how you've grown so fast.  Sad that my last blog post was your 9 month post....means that time is going fast, I'm not blogging enough and you're growing up so quickly!!

Some rather exciting things have happened with you in the last month and I don't want to forget these important milestones and dates.  Probably one of the most exciting things is that you started crawling on October 1st.  You were 9 1/2 months old.  You were just a few weeks later starting crawling than your sister.  You have approached it rather differently and haven't been as quick to want to get around but now after about 2 1/2 weeks, you are getting the hang of things, going faster and really moving both legs well.  The first few weeks you would do a combo army crawl, three legged crawl (with one leg dragging behind tucked under you) and a regular crawl.  You've mostly transitioned into a full crawl.  At the same time you decided to go mobile, you cut your two top teeth and started to pull yourself up onto things.  Here's a little summary of what you've been up to this last month.

  • moving: you started crawling on October 1st (9 1/2 months) and started to pull yourself up to standing by holding onto the bench, chair or other objects, you love to move around and can go from sitting to crawling and back up
  • sounds/words: you occasionally say Mamama and Dadada but not consistently but you love to make little gurgly sounds, clicking sounds and sweet little cooing sounds.  You are often overshadowed by the sounds of your older sister so you seem a bit quieter.  Make no mistake, when you are upset or really need your opinion heard, you let us know.  While you don't really say any words yet it is clear that you are really starting to understand certain things.  You have pretty much mastered the sign for "all done" when eating and use it pretty consistently.  You can wave hello or good bye and when I say "tell Daddy or Aven good-night" you wave your hand towards them and look at them.  So sweet.  
  • food: while you are already starting to transition away from purees you don't have too many things that you can really eat so it is getting challenging not to always just give you Cheerios!  You like cheddar or string/mozzerella cheese, breads and cereal, chicken, yogurt, applesauce, pureed carrots, pancakes/waffles, scrambled eggs, sometimes banana, craisins (dried cranberries).    You think it is fun to drink out of a big cup but don't really get the sippy cup concept...you just like to chew on it.  You are still a good nurser and nurse throughout the day 3-4 times and still at night several times.  You generally wake up between 11-12 and then around 2/3 and then often make it until 7 but then again still wake up around 5 for another nursing.
  • toys/activities: you are a very tolerant child and put up with a lot from the dogs, your older sister and with our schedule hauling you everywhere and not always getting good naps at home.  You haven't adopted any toys that you especially seem bonded to and you are content to play and look at just about anything.  You don't seem to like soft toys like stuffed animals, blankets or soft baby toys.  You prefer plastic or wooden toys that can be chewed, banged together or gripped tightly.  You will often go in your jumper when I'm in the shower or need to make dinner and can't keep an eye on you but you get tired of being in one place and want to move around and explore.  We went to storytime at the library for the first time in a long time with you and you really loved listening to the stories and songs and observing the other kids.  You seem to like music and stories but you get pretty wiggly around story time and want to move!  We just started with swimming lessons for you and Daddy starting last week.  You did okay but you seemed nervous at first.  I think you were a bit hungry and tired but you did pretty good for your first time.
  • my little sweet one: you are really a Momma's girl.  When I leave you with someone you don't know you really cry and pull away from them and want me to hold you.  You often do this at church and sometimes at the Y.  When I arrive to pick you up you now crawl to me and start to fuss since you want me to pick you up.  You'll let Daddy comfort you but you really want Momma.  You love your sister and she is sometimes  the only one that can make you laugh so hard (and it is often by doing the silliest of things!!).  You are pretty easy going about most things in life: getting woken up from a nap, eating meals, playing with toys, getting "manhandled" by your sister and licked by the doggies.  You go with the flow and are generally pretty quiet.  You are the perfect fit to our family and I am enjoying watching you grow so much.  
Happy 10 months little miss "E"

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