12 September 2013

elodie {9 months}...so I don't forget

Well, I don't think I'll ever forget how sweet and cute and charming and perfectly lovely you are but I may forget all the other little things that are so fun and make each day interesting with you my little miss "e."  So for that I'll recollect a few of the things that you are doing right now so I don't forget.

  • Moving: You are scooting everywhere (backwards, around and sort of side to side) but you are not crawling....yet!  You love being on your tummy and scooting your way around and I can tell you are really thinking about crawling too.  When I set you down sitting up you get your hands down and move one leg behind you and start to rock back and forth while trying to get the other leg behind you too.  It is almost like doing the splits.  It is funny and cute to watch and it is neat to see the organic process of you trying to figure it out.
  • Eating: so far you really seem to have taken a liking to food and rather quickly.  I didn't really get you started until around 7 months although I introduced oat cereal to you at 6 months you weren't really interested but you were always watching us eat at the dinner table (like you wanted to eat too).  So far you have had: turkey, chicken, yogurt, cheese, broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes, mac & cheese, carrots, strawberries, peaches, oatmeal, avocado, bread, banana, eggs, butternut squash and peas (and tons of puffs).  While you don't seem to truly dislike anything yet you really like to feed yourself.  You will try just about anything if you can feed it to yourself.  I have let you have sippy cut a few times but you don't really know what to do with it other than chew on the spout.  You still like to nurse about 3-4 times a day and usually get up between 2-3 times a night still.  You are a good nurser and usually do so within about 5-7 minutes.  You do well with grabbing food by yourself and feeding yourself.  I haven't given you a utensil yet but thats next; just putting off the big messes.  As a funny note, you don't seem to mind having your face and hands wiped after eating...curious?
  • Toys: you don't seem particularly attached to anything as of yet but you like the Fisher Price Stacker and love holding the rings.  You like about anything that is a little bit harder and you can suck on even the little plastic blocks or connecting rings.  You like to clap the blocks together or rub them on the floor and you like to play with them in the bath too.
  • Activities: you just started clapping a few weeks ago around 8 months and if we say "yeah" when you do it you light right up and keep clapping.  You have also been steadily sitting up without any support or without falling since a little over 8 months.  You love to take baths and roll over onto your tummy and kick your feet or sit upright and splash your feet back and forth in front of you.  You are in a phase where you sort of shake your head and it looks like you are saying "no" and then you'll sort of wave at the same time.  You are saying "Mamama" and "Dadadada" but you don't necessarily seem to coordinate them with one of us or the other.
  • Temperament: Overall you are a pretty laid back baby and go with the flow.  Your naps are not often the same time since we are often on the go either doing activities or running errands or visiting friends.  You are generally content to play by yourself or with Aven or be held and snuggled.  You are getting better at riding in the car.  You still don't do well with "disappointment" and when something happens that you are not expecting or something doesn't happen that you do, you certainly get upset.  A few examples: tonight I took away the sippy cup and you stuck out that bottom lip and cried (real crocodile tears);  a few days ago Aven took away a basket that had hats and gloves in it that you were exploring, again you burst into tears.  Other than that you are a happy baby and usually easily calmed if upset, especially by Mom (you are a real Momma's girl).  You do well playing by yourself and having kids in your face (ie: your sister or the doggies) and you love playing with anything that has texture.  
While I am truly enjoying all of your new phases and watching your personality blossom and your abilities grow and expand I get a little sad thinking of how fast the things go by.  Some things you only do for a few days or a week and it is easy to forget about them and other stages you just move so quickly through it barely gives us time to adjust.  You are a sweet girl, happy and smiley and you love your sister and your family.  You love to watch and observe all of us and your big sister can really make you laugh.  I love you so much and continuing to watch you grow and learn is such a blessing.  Happy 9 months my little flower.

*pictures to be added to this post soon

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