21 February 2013

what to do when Dad's away

1.  Eat pancakes
2.  Make cookies
3.  Make homemade valentines
4.  Try to sleep in
5.  Go to Saturday morning gymnastics at the YMCA
6.  Eat dinner for breakfast breakfast for dinner
7.  Sneak an extra cup of coffee during the day

Two weekends in a row Abe had youth retreats at FPC.  The first was for 2 nights (for the middle schoolers) and the second was for 3.  Luckily my mother in law came into town for the second weekend since they were back to back!  Aven, Elodie and I survived.  There were some chaotic moments but overall it was a relatively nice time.  Aven is going through a rough patch with sleeping where she has been waking up at night crying and wanting us to hold her.  She has also been waking up really early in the morning and crying really hard wanting us too!  They were some long days but I tried my best to enjoy our time together and do some fun things just Mommy & Aven.  We went out to pizza one night;  we had a playdate with friends from Seattle we hadn't seen in awhile;  we made pumpkin pancakes and we read stories and watched some cartoons.  Needless to say, we were all happy when Daddy was home.

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