22 February 2013

elodie *two months*

Elodie Clementine, I cannot believe you are two months already!  You have changed so much since you were born and you are changing each and every day.  You now weigh 10lbs 14oz and have grown 1.5 inches since you were born.  You are starting to make lots of baby cooing noises.  You don't smile a lot but when you do it is usually a huge open mouthed smile without any restraint.  You love to be held and pretty content now to have some time to yourself talking or cooing either on the blanket on the floor or in the bouncy seat.  You have started taking the Binky which calms you down a lot when you are tired or upset but you often forget how to hold it in your mouth and then you get frustrated.  You can be a very mellow baby but when you are upset you are really upset!  You will be nursing and then decide you are really tired or have to be burped and you will just start crying and screaming until you get what you want.  What this will translate into as a toddler, one only knows!

You are a beautiful baby.  You have a round chubby little face and blue eyes just like your big sister (although I don't know if they'll stay blue).  You like baths once you have settled into the water and you like kisses and hugs from your baby sister or when she wraps you up in blankets or brings her "friends" to keep you company in your swing or bouncy chair.  You don't mind the dogs licking you or sniffing you and you already do a great job of sleeping for long stretches at a time.  You typically make it the normal 3 hours or so but often will make it to 4 hours and sometimes even 5.  You are a great nurser and don't generally have a problem spitting up afterwards.

You have inherited many of the nicknames or petnames that we use with your big sister but I like to call you "miss-e" short for miss Elodie (sounds like missy).  Now that you are here it is hard to imagine our lives without you.  You are loved and you are precious and I am so thankful for the miracle of you in our lives.  I can't wait to see who you are becoming.  

Happy 2 months little miss "E"
you are loved and adored by your big sister, she always helps out with getting you your Binky or wrapping you in blankets, she is always telling Mommy that you are crying or what you might need

you have a beautiful round face and lovely eyes, you make a cute "o" with your lips when you are looking at something carefully

when you get upset, you certainly let us know and you can have a really loud cry when you need our attention; you can make the most pathetic little pouty face when you are sad

love this outfit that a friend lent us, you look so cute in bold colors and hooded garments


day of my 2 month check up- all 10lbs 14oz of me

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