06 February 2013

hi, I'm Aven (and I'm 2 & 3/4)

So, needless to say, life with two kids and a busy husband is...well...busy!  No surprise there!  Little Elodie is now 7 1/2 weeks old and changing every day (post to come soon).  But her big sister is also keeping us entertained in the interim and I wanted to update on her also.

Aven Lily is now 2 3/4 and it is sort of weirding me out that she is going to be three in only 2 and a half months.  She is quite the little person, verbal as ever and teaching me constantly about patience and about life and imagination.  Here is a brief update on Aven and what she is up to these days.

  • Mrs Chatterbox- Aven loves to talk and communicate with words and she is quite good at it too.  Now she is really the age that we have to watch what we say since she will literally use the words that we used with her.  Here are a few of my favorite things she has said (back) to us lately:
    • When I was getting frustrated helping her put her coat on the other day since she was insisting on doing it herself and taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r  she told me "Mom, you just gotta chill out."
    • When we were driving in the car the other day and Daddy was expressing some rather strong opinions about a neighboring driver, she told him "Dad, you got to gather yourself" a phrase we use with her when she gets a bit over the edge!
  • Still a little Mama- Aven still absolutely loves her dollies and she is constantly taking care of them either wrapping them up in her blankets, putting them to sleep, rocking them, putting them in timeout since they either a- hit her; b-weren't listening to her words or c-were ignoring her.  She is also doctoring them from various ailments and injuries sustained in all sorts of ways.  If not disciplining her dolls or doctoring them they are going to sleep or on an adventure, say to "gymnastics" or their lunch break.
  • New toys- a few things that have made their way into Aven's repertoire are the following- her new backpack which she puts books, babies, blankets, toys, etc to take around the house and anytime we want to go somewhere in the house.  It is a super cute backpack and she looks really cute toting it around.  The other day she was playing with it and then she was eating a snack at the dining room table.  It was really bright and sunny outside and so she was also wearing her sunglasses; it was quite a sight.  Another "new toy" that she loves is a set of small plastic discs that she calls "circle time."  These are assorted colors but she loves to line them up, organize them etc.  The other day she used a mirror and placed them all over the mirror stating this was her pizza- what an imagination.
  • Music- my little girl still loves music.  She has opinions about which songs she loves and which she is willing to listen to.  We spend quite a bit of time listening to the Pandora Toddler Radio Station.  Some of our favorites right now are "Shake our Sillies Out," "Hokey Pokey" and the new CD by Laura Viers Tumblebee with our favorite song being King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O. Check out the album, it is great!  Almost every day we are home together we do some dancing and singing and movement time.  It is quite fun and silly.
  • TV- while I am still reluctant a bit, we have started to allow Aven to watch some snippets of TV.  So far we have only allowed her to watch Sesame Street and some short cartoons (usually only about 7 minutes long) and try to limit it to one or two a day at most.  She is really into watching them but I realize how much a child can be exposed to in one cartoon.  We didn't even let her watch these until she was over 2 and a half though and didn't allow her to watch any TV before then other than music videos (mostly of Hallelujah).
  • Clothes- this kid is opinionated and what she typically chooses to wear is not only not weather appropriate but also often leaves a little to be desired but God help us if we try to steer her towards something practical, matching, etc.  It is cute however to see her express her opinion and style and the fact that she isn't tied to any sort of cultural norms or worries about what others may think (like adults).
She never lets me do her hair but here was about a 5 minute stretch she didn't pull them out - so cute and looking more grown up.

Love this girl, here she is with her new favorite tights and her froggy blanket

I realize this isn't the best quality picture but it was too cute.  We were playing playdough with each other and made bracelets together one of each she put on her arms and then I gave her the necklace.  What a cutie.
I'll be honest, I know there is lots more I could say about this little kiddo.  She is loving and kind, funny and silly and can be helpful and sweet.  She is 2 and 3/4 and she can test your patience and your humanity.  I love her and it is amazing to be her Mom, every day.

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