19 January 2013

elodie, one month old

Sweet Elodie, you are only (and yet already) one month old.  The time goes so quickly and you are already so much more alert and awake and learning to express yourself and your opinions.  You are a much more relaxed girl as a baby than your sister was (although I feel a little more equipped this time too).  You are gaining weight quickly staying around the 50th percentile.  At your one month weigh in you were already at 9lbs 6oz about a pound and a half more than when you were born!  You had gained almost a pound in the two weeks since your first checkup where you weighed 8lbs 5.5oz.

You are starting to fall into a bit of a routine each day with waking and sleeping and are slowly figuring out when we all do the nighttime thing although some nights when you do wake up it is a whole hour before we get back to sleep.  You will typically go about 3 hours between feedings and sometimes more!  You are slowly getting more control over holding up your head and you can really push up with your hands to hold your shoulders up.  You don't really like tummy time (neither did Aven) and you love looking up at the fan in the living room (it really seems to captivate you).

I am so curious each and every day at who you will become, who God has already created you to be and how you will interact with the world.  As your fingers begin to learn to grab and unfurl; as you watch your big sister loving on you; as you hear your Mom and Dad go about their day and hear the doggies greet the neighbors stopping by and UPS man delivering packages- I wonder about you.

Since time quickly passes and this newborn phase will soon be gone, I hold you after I put my busy and demanding toddler to bed and I snuggle you for long hours.  I let you comfort nurse when you are upset and I try not to feel guilty for dressing you up for baby photo shoots since you'll be too big for these things before long.

Oh, little miss 'E' how I already love your little cheeks and serious furrowed brow and the occasional gummy smile I see in your sleep.

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