13 December 2012

sailing along into the holidays

Dear friends, I can't believe its been a month already since I posted and I missed the cool date by a few minutes (12/12/12).  I'm sitting in the quiet of my house, dog is snoring and Aven is asleep and Abe has wandered up to bed after falling asleep on the couch.  I am enjoying the shadows of the Christmas tree and twinkling lights illuminating the cool evening and early morning moments.  It will not be this quiet a month from now holding a newborn baby and adjusting to life with two kids.

Had a doctors appointment today and as much as I am getting anxious to have this baby I am a little scared too.  My due date is only 3 1/2 weeks away and there is still so much to do between now and whenever she enters this world!  The Christmas tree is bare underneath, the meal plans for hosting my family to complete, the bags to pack the plans to make, oh so much to do.

Just wanted to take a few moments to catch you up on the last month.  We have been trying to spend more time together as a family.  It has been really special seeing Aven embrace the Christmas season and her excitement about the wonder and magic of Christmas.  She doesn't even know that she'll get presents or how lucky and blessed we are.  She loves the white twinkle of the trees, the ornaments that decorate our tree and her room, the fun music and the sprinkles on cookies.  She lights up and gets excited about the wonder of it all and I think that is why kids can really remind you of how magical Christmas is.  I have also been really trying to enjoy having this little amazing person in my life before another one enters and to hold onto the moments with her only.  She is so smart and captivating and there are so many little things she does that I don't ever want to forget.  She is so sweet and sassy and fun and playful and I know soon I will have baby brain and be sleep deprived and focused on nursing a new little one.

Some of my favorite things that Aven is doing these days:

  • she always wants to know people's names- in the grocery store line she will ask the checker "and what is your name?"  and then of course she'll volunteer her own too.  When new people come to our house she asks what their name is and introduces them to the house and the dogs and tells them her name.  She is not shy and is so friendly and outgoing with everyone, it warms my heart and makes me happy to see so much joy exude from this little person
  • she is the sweetest caretaker- for a long time she has loved taking care of her babies but the ways in which she does it are so instinctual for her, she carries all sorts of babies and stuffed animals around, wraps them up, cares for them, shushes them to sleep, sings them songs in her bed, snuggles with them, picks them up when they get booboos and kisses them and generally always has at least one she is taking care of - I think she will be a helpful and loving big sister and I can't wait to see the way she will dote on her new little sister
  • giving- Aven is always so giving with those around her; she shares her cookies, her toys and never really seems to be too possessive of her things.  When friends come over she wants to share and play with them and isn't concerned with having "her" toys to herself.
  • conversation- it is fun now that Aven is so verbal to actually have a conversation with her in the car driving home asking her about school or about what she did at a friends house, she gets so animated in telling the details and stories of her day.  She is very opinionated and articulate so she can really explain everything that happened in detail.  She is also very observant and notices all kinds of small details that I pass over.  Not only this but she remembers them later.  We were at the grocery store and she was asking me, what is the yellow and black thing Mommy?  It took me quite a while to realize that she was taking about an antennae topper that was Mickey Mouse.  Now every time we go to the grocery store she asks me if we'll see the Mickey Mouse again?  What a memory!

Life is busy and having a baby in the midst of the holiday season feels a bit crazy but it is also keeping me a little distracted too :)  It is fully fall (and almost winter) with mostly rainy days and too many hours in the dark each day but in 9 days that will start to go the other way and I can't wait.  I wonder if we'll see snow this winter.  

Nothing terribly new to report, just musings on everyday life and mother hood.

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