10 November 2012

Tour of the apple farm/Family Saturday

This morning was a great start to a long weekend.  We slept in (which for this week meant getting up about 7:15) after the switch from Daylight Savings.  We had some breakfast and coffee and took Aven to her last swim lesson for this session.  Afterwards we headed out to nearby Applefarm: Bellewood Acres.  Although a chilly and windy day it was beautiful as well.  We toured the farm store with new distillery (vodka & brandy), tastes of about 8 of their 20 varieties of local apples grown right on the farm, cider doughnuts, fresh jams, barbeque sauce and other fun novelties and a showing of local artists work (both a wood turner and a photographer).  Aven liked to watch the forklifts moving big things.  We rented a golf cart for $5 and then did the self-guided tour around the property.  It was fun to see all the apple trees and varieties as well s the cows and horses on the neighboring property.  We went to the packing plant too and saw how the apples are sorted by a machine into sizes and then hand wiped and stickered and boxed for shipment.  All of the employees were very nice and welcoming.  It was a relaxing trip to visit a local farm and a nice day to see the sunshine even if it was a bit cold.  Aven seemed to enjoy herself too.
Aven riding the large rocking horse outside the farm store

riding in the golf cart

Aven & Mommy (2 months to go for #2)

Happy family photo

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