14 May 2012

Mother's Day

It is funny.  My daughter was born a little over 2 years ago but this is the first year I really feel like Mother's Day is important to me.  The first year she was only a few weeks old and the reality of motherhood wasn't really real to me yet.  Last year I felt it was important but this year I really realize it is a part of my identity.

Juggling a kiddo, a marriage, work, Bible Study, dog walks and favors for friends, social engagements, baby showers, exercise, grocery shopping, paying the bills, weeding and all the rest really seemed to hit me this year.  So I did the best thing I could yesterday, I ignored it!!

My poor husband.  He tries to do something nice like pick out new clothes or have a handmade bag made for my camera or something else unique and then it never really seems to work for me; this Mother's Day was no exception.  He had planned to go to Seattle for the day to all of our old haunts and visit our old apartments, walk around and see our old neighborhoods and then culminate the day with dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Rialto.  When he announced this to me, I didn't exactly jump with joy.  It was supposed to be a beautiful day and I didn't feel like sitting in the car all day with a 2 year old and 2 hot dogs.  Also I had to take care of a friends dogs in the morning and in the late afternoon which would put a time crunch on things.

Instead, we went as the day took us.  Got up early and took care of my friend's doggies, made some breakfast, walked to church in the early morning sun.  Had lunch and got my daughter down for a nap. Then I sat in my back yard in a lawn chair in the sun and read my book while sipping a delicious sparkling ginger and lemon peel water.  Afterwards, I cam inside and continued reading which then transitioned into a mid afternoon nap.  I never let myself do that, it was awesome!  Did some putzy things around the house and then picked up Beatrice & Chip (friend's dogs) and took them on a long hike with my doggies and family.

Afterwards we went and picked up Thai food from Busara and had a picnic on our lawn before putting Aven down for bed.  Curled up and watched a few episodes of Downton Abbey (if you haven't seen this BBC publication, I highly recommend it!) and curled up for the night.

I mostly just wanted to spend the day relaxing, enjoying the sun and good weather and with my family- success!

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