09 October 2011

a day in the life {2}

When you are a Mama, or just a parent, every moment can be J A M P A C K E D with stuff to do!  Man, I thought life could be busy before kids but now I know it is busy when you have them.  Earlier I did a little stint of "a day in the life" and I often think about it when life gets crazy and even the most mundane and basic things take up your whole day or appear to since they are all you are trying to get done.

6:00am- alarm...then snooze...then 6:10 and 6:20 and 6:30- Daddy wakes and starts his day, Mama hits one last snooze
6:40- awake, I guess
6:42 wander downstairs, pour a bowl of total flakes into my fiestaware pottery and pour a heaping amount of milk over, sit at the table and eat between yawns
6:55, the baby wakes
6:57 go in and comfort/cuddle/snuggle the waking one
7:02- nurse her sleepy face
7:20- text my boss letting her know I'm running late!
7:22 let the doggies outside to go potty
7:25- my child squats down and has a concentrated face, she says "poop"
7:26- run to the bathroom, pull down her pants, attempt to rip off a diaper with sticky tabs, realize the pooping is over but put her on the potty anyway
7:28- 17 months of love staring me down while I dangle her over the potty
7:30- "all done"- run into the bedroom and wipe down child and reassemble her clothing
7:35- check text message- no response- call boss on phone
7:36, 37, 38 & 39- feed dogs- am getting ready in the bathroom when my child walks in with a funny face like she ate something yucky and wiping her tongue while saying "drink"- (she ate some of Eleanor's food)
7:40 put child in her bed with books and "o's" to hang out while I take my shower
8:00- get out of the shower and run and get dressed
8:05- run comb through hair, put in earrings and take child out of bed
8:07 pack things for upcoming weekend trip with Dad to Portland- books (check), onesies (check), pacifiers, blankets, pajamas, etc, etc (check, check)
8:20 drop child off at daycare while answering the phone from boss
8:29- arrive at Starbucks for meeting @ 8:30
8:30- sit down for the first time all morning and relax with a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll!
8:31- work meeting...at least I had coffee!

Sometimes I marvel at all the things that have to get done in a day and really how much I can cram in in such a short amount of time.  My lunch breaks are typically spent doing laundry, paying bills, unloading/loading the dishwasher, taking care of the doggies, checking the mail and oh yeah- eating lunch.  My evenings are just as busy with dinner prep, spending time with my hubbie and my daughter and cleaning up from the day....and then just as quickly, it all starts again...sigh.

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